Serac Launches Long Shelf life Biscuits

long shelf life biscuits 3Serac has developed a unique system to pack and preserve biscuits for a long period of time. With advanced vacuum technology and modified atmospheric treatment the biscuits can last up to 5 years under normal conditions

Serac is able to offer the following range of biscuits

  • Crispbread crackers
    • A whole-wheat cracker with added fiber and crunch. Delicious with cheese and jam
  • High Energy oat cookies
    • These cookies provide a balance of slow and fast release energy and are ideal for on the run snacking
  • High Protein Cookies
    • The biscuit contains 20g of protein and provides a valuable snack for in between meals
  • Fortified Biscuits
    • This biscuit has a mix of vitamins and fiber to provide a balanced snack

long shelf life biscuits 2

Serac uses the most advanced packing processes to ensure the shelf life of the products. The outer material construction of pet 12 mic/Aluminum foil 9mic/Polyethylene 50mic ensures that the product has an effective barrier to moisture and oxygen. The product is nitrogen gas flushed and then all the air is extracted from the pouch making using a vacuum sealer

An added advantage of the process to that it provides considerable rigidity to the package allowing the rough treatment of the biscuits without damaging the same


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OutDoor Cuisine

SERAC Outdoor Cuisine is our Online Retail Store experience for customers to purchase individual MRE’s (ready to eat meals), ration packs, heaters and a large range of utilities. 

Ideal accompaniments for the outdoor enthusiast.


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